TBS Workbook Terms

Limited Grant of Electronic Storage of Intellectual Property

I confirm in writing herewith that [email name entered below] may use an electronic version of ‘The Body Shop Toolkit Selection’ for 12 months from the date of download.  All of which is the intellectual property of Spring CCR Ltd & certain 3rd parties, subject to the following conditions:

  • Only [email name entered] may have the authority to retain it electronically.
  • The intellectual property may not be shared electronically with other users.
  • The intellectual property may not be printed as hard copy versions of the materials and only used digitally for the purpose of their work whilst employed at the company engaging Spring CCR Ltd’s services.
  • No changes whatsoever may be made to the ‘The Body Shop Toolkit Selection’ and no reproductions made.
  • This license to store the Intellectual Property electronically is granted for one calendar year, beginning from the date of download.
  • At the end of one calendar year, you are required to either request an extension to your license or confirm in writing to Luke Thomas (luke@springccr.co.uk) that all electronic copies have been deleted.
  • Acceptance of these conditions is a condition of the granting of this particular right to hold this electronic copy, and this grant applies to no other reproduction rights.


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