Change can be defined by a clear vision and plan, but it’s delivered through the behaviour and mindsets of those working within the organisation.

There is no magic wand when it comes to change, it requires commitment from all involved, from the outset. 

We produce design briefs that spotlight real clarity on whether incremental, stretch or step-change is wanted for the individual, team, department or organisation. 

We differentiate according to sub-cultures.  The reaction and perception of the starting and end points for each phase of change, might substantially vary and need to be accounted for carefully

We invite you to chat with one of our clients to get the full sense of it – they’ll give you an independent view.

Our Process

We kick start things with a directed facilitation session between Spring and the key programme sponsors.

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Off to the Right Start

We rarely charge for these initial sessions, as they’re a way of us getting to know each other better and particularly for you to experience us in action. It’s then easier to decide between us, whether the timing is right to work together. From this, a programme is designed specifically around your needs and increasingly the Triple Bottom Line

Ensuring The Desired Results

The programmes typically include a combination of workshops, live coaching and self directed learning, which is layered to ensure behaviour is changed rather than only highlighted.

Programmes are reviewed throughout, to ensure the desired results are being achieved along the way.  Change by its very nature involves loss and gain, so that needs some managing and adapting to, when programmes are required to evolve.

The Techniques

Our trainers and coaches use a number of ‘in the moment,’ techniques aimed at taking individuals on a personal journey which gets the right results for them and the organisation.

These include:


  • Hitting the road with your sales team or field managers.
  • Quiet coaching on a park bench or in a cafe – tackling anything from confidence, personal branding and account management, to leadership, creativity and peak state performance.
  • A wide ranging toolkit of ideas, concepts and methods that we develop a level of fluency in, for our clients to become practitioners.
  • Observing meetings or calls, with ‘live’ coaching to hold up a mirror and try out new skills. These are both virtual and face to face.
  • Workshops that prepare for and consolidate live coaching – founded on accelerated learning methods and using multimedia. “You do your day job, whilst there – make no mistake this is about adding value, not being “out of the business!”
  • We get people to learn simple, memorable processes to guide their thinking & behaviours.
  • We employ an eclectic mix of methodologies.  We don’t hang our hat on only a few core principles because no two individuals or organisations are the same.  Critical Thinking and the ability to adopt multiple positions and lenses to look through are skills that we value.

It depends on the person as to what makes the difference.
Often it calls for innovation in the moment.

Rolls Royce engine

We’d see anything from this list as equally valid:

  • NLP, Neuroscience or Hypnosis
  • the closest magazine or newspaper to hand
  • years old leadership models
  • videos from a great movie
  • TA, MBTI or DISC
  • a breakfast radio show playing in the background
  • tried and tested psychology, therapy or motivation principles.

Our aim is to take clients on the right personal journey for them, that gets the right results for them.



A Few Example Projects

Sales success

Feelings, figures & facing facts

We deliver all kinds of sales coaching to drive results.

For example, we can get people to rethink their strategies to focus on nurturing longer, more profitable relationships rather than quick one-offs.

Or we can agree targets with sales people – and then help them exceed what they thought possible, that very day.

Better HQ & Remote management

Making far away, far better

Managers who look after multiple remote sites or wide ranging stakeholders need to make every interaction count – influence, personal impact and organisation are crucial.

We help them become much more effective in shorter meetings, site visits or virtual-methods. It involves smart relationship building, higher quality communication and multiple goal types.

Creative Facilitation…

Teams, culture & strategy

Projects have included conferences, away day planning and strategy, team events, cultural change shifts, development of resilience, department branding and communication.

What we do is bespoke, so can talk you through examples of what we’ve done

Some of our clients

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