A blog by Luke Thomas of Spring

Just because you have a signed contract, doesn’t mean that people will honour it.

Just because there’s a process, doesn’t mean people will follow it.

Just because you believe in something strongly, doesn’t mean that others will.

Just because you deem something as fair or unfair, doesn’t mean that others will have your back

We are irrational beings.  Chemical and hormonal beings.  Values driven beings.

Dr Alan Watkins in his fantastic book Coherence sums it up well by saying:

“Your heart produces 40 to 60 times more electrical power and 5,000 times more electromagnetic power than the brain, which makes it by far the ‘biggest pendulum’ in your biological system, capable of aligning and synchronising all other systems to create physiological coherence… When we train our heart via correct breathing we generate a coherent signal instead of a chaotic one, which in turn increases energy levels, reduces energy wastage, improves health and enhances brain function”

So what do you do about things not going your way?  How do you handle your state when the cortisol and adrenaline start flowing?

Stop & Notice – pause, breathe and use your time-out method of choice.  Really pay attention to what your head, heart and gut are telling you.  Choose to shift your state to one that suits the thinking and action you need, right now.  Dr Alan Watkins has a BREATHE method that focuses on 3 out of 12 breathing aspects: Rhythmicity, Smoothness and Location of Attention.  Drop me a line if you’d like to learn more.

Connect – with the paper pusher, the bureaucrat, the vocal opponent, the person in the ivory tower or the security guard on the gate.  Building some rapport and understanding is remarkably accessible and easier than most folk realise… most of the time

Be Audacious – Ask why.  Ask why not.  Take steps to move things along in a way that acknowledges the values and behaviours of those that are standing in your way.  Sometimes seek forgiveness, rather than permission.

Choose to learn – Make connections.  Join the dots.  Enjoy the challenge of tapping into past experiences and synthesising them into something new.  Realise that what you’re handling now, you’ve handled before and will do again… it might just be wrapped up differently.  So therefore, consciously grow and learn for next time.