Spring Coaching Magic
Just Keep Swimming

Today I struggled to get motivated.  I had lots on my list to get done including some big decisions.  My purpose and reasoning behind the list was clear – I just didn’t feel like it and wanted to kick back, not to mention avoid making the decisions.  Sometimes that actually helps – distracting myself with other random things can mean my subconscious gets busy and does the heavy lifting.  Today though, I didn’t really have that option or seemingly enough time on my hands.

As I turned on the laptop to start checking Facebook and procrastinate a bit, I spotted my silver ‘Just Keep Swimming’ key fob pictured above.  It was a Father’s Day present from my wife… ahem, kids.  She and I got to know the lilting song of Dory from the original Disney Pixar Movie, Finding Nemo.  Dory’s catchy little mantra became a ditty that we sang to each other when going through tough times, sad times or just downright boring slog times.  In case you haven’t heard this ear worm – here it is.

Such a small trigger – but singing that in my head makes me smile, think of persevering and getting stuck into most things.  So I got started & just kept swimming through the day.

PS If you’ve ever read the book One Step Beyond by Chris Moon – that’s the same for me… but very very different as well.  I use ‘One Step Beyond’ as a mantra when going through physical pain – because I can always push further than I first expect or feel I can.

What mantras, sayings or triggers do you use for overcoming things for yourself?