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Be More Pirate

Forget everything you thought you knew about pirates.

Be More Pirate by Sam Conniff Allende is a book that I first came across on Blinkist.  (If you haven’t come across this app you might like to look it up)  After listening to the blinks there, I got the full book and read more.

Here’s a 3:47 video overview of the whole thing – that will give you a really good taster

Sam explores a very specific period of piracy from around 1690 to 1725, the so-called Golden Age of Piracy.  Many of their principles and the approach they took, were ahead of their time.  And in the same way as now, at the turn of the 18th Century it was also an age of uncertainty – which brings with it a fertile ground for opportunity.

There are a great many lessons we can learn from the golden age pirates who stood up to the establishment.

Pirates were a surprisingly powerful agent of change and social justice.  “They came up with a new social code built on purposeful principles such as fair pay, fair say, social equality, freedom and justice.  And rum.” p3

The pillars to Sam’s message about pirates are summarised as:

  • Finding your cause
  • Rewriting the broken rules
  • Empowering your crew
  • Taking your message straight into the lion’s den

All of which are interwoven with setting leadership direction, values, mission, engagement, motivation, autonomy, communication and purpose.  Areas that are having increasing impact and reach in organisations today.

You can ask yourself questions in developing The Pirate Mindset:

Finding your cause… “If I could break any rule what would it be, and how would I rewrite it?” AND “Who out there would I most like to take down?”

While bringing together your crew, planning your mutiny and writing your Pirate code, ask… “What values or ideals am I willing to put my neck on the line for?  Principles that I care so much about, that I’d actually fight for them?”

I hope this has whet your appetite sufficiently to read more from the book, get in touch with me or start some social change and piracy of your own.