Today, September 1st, is the first day of Autumn.  I spotted a tweet by Michelle Mone, you can find her here @MichelleMone The tweet was about her Personal Goals for the next 4 months.  She has a very open approach to sharing on social media; what she’s doing, thinking and aiming for.  It’s all highly personalised to suit being the best version of herself to achieve what she wants for herself and others.  Scroll to the bottom for the actual tweet link.

These are her Personal Goals from Sept 1st 2016 until Jan 1st 2017.  Some are general, some are highly specific.  Some are outcome goals, others are performance or process goals – in case you’re familiar with the ideas of different goal types.

I like the richness and variety she’s gone for.  They’re a mix of being fun and serious, for herself and others.  Some will be stretching, others more easily achieved I presume.  There’s bound to be some inspiration in there for most people so I thought I’d share them because they’ll come in handy with coaching clients.  I often share my own Personal Goals but it’s FAR more interesting sharing others too.

Take a look and decide which ones provoke you – see below.  Based on reading them…

Are you getting some fresh ideas?  Feeling more or less committed to your own goals?  Deciding you need more or less goals yourself?  Wanting to change or keep yours?   I’d love to hear more examples.  Share on this blog, or my social media if you’d like to and we’ll get some conversation going.



Here’s the link to original tweet: Click Here

(Image Credit Huffington Post)