I was reviewing the Spring Email Updates for 2014, and realised that the most popular one by a country mile, was also the shortest. It was, in fact, less than three lines long – you can read it here. I was bombarded with replies, calls and conversation about it.  Which is great – I want to get it out there for as many people to benefit from as possible.

One of the main reasons it was such a popular mailout, I think, was due to the simplicity it offers and the personal stories that arise from it.  The impact I’ve felt has been huge since discovering it in 2013, hearing Dr David Rock speak on it, then using it for myself and with Spring clients.

Healthy Mind Platter observations from SpringCalling the Healthy Mind Platter the ‘most powerful wellbeing, resilience and performance tool I’ve seen in the last 5 years’ is a pretty big statement, and one which demands some explanation perhaps.

It was devised by Drs David Rock and Dan Siegel and highlights in a simple way the seven essential inputs or actions for optimal mental health. It provides balance in your brain activity which has wide reaching impact on your health, effectiveness and wellbeing if you apply it well.  It is a very effective self awareness tool.  This in turn leads to tailored changes you can make as a result.

I’ve seen it work effectively for Spring clients to help with the following issues:

* Anxiety

* Personal Brand and Stakeholder Influencing

* Frustration

* Depression

* Negotiation

* Anger

* Lack of confidence

* Weight issues

* Family conflict

…basically, anything which isn’t working for them in the way they’d like.

The Healthy Mind Platter examines the interconnections between focused work, sleep, play, exercise, mindfulness, down time, socialising and the combination they play in optimal health.

It ties in with some of the ideas discussed so effectively by Simon Sinek in his popular book ‘Leaders Eat Last‘ – which highlights the importance of chemical balance in our lives.

For example, did you know that cortisol – a chemical released in our bodies when we undergo stress and anxiety – is a toxin, and can only be removed by sweating, typically through a physical workout?  Saunas are also great for ridding ourselves of it!  It serves a purpose but if left in the body, cortisol can cause huge negative consequences.  It’s like a time bomb and I see it ravaging people too often at work and in relationships.

Sinek discusses this at length in his book, and the effect of chemicals on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  He also explores the implications of how these chemicals play out in team dynamics at work or the way leaders of people can strengthen or damage followership.  Of particular interest are the descriptions and effects of ‘selfish’ chemicals such as dopamine, and ‘selfless’ chemicals such as oxytocin. Well worth a look – in particular, because of how it ties in with Rock & Siegel’s work.

You can fully read up on the Healthy Mind Platter here.

One of the things I believe in is investing in yourself to be at your best.  Simple daily maintenance measures to avoid ploughing through life despite yourself!  The Healthy Mind Platter reminds us that we all need to put in the groundwork to achieve our goals and aims. It helps to put all your ducks in a row,  to enable greater success to flourish in whatever you’re putting your energies into.  Personally it’s made me happier, calmer and far more productive.

When you have a strong foundation of mental and physical wellbeing in place, every other skill, behaviour, mindset or identity shift becomes easier to achieve.

Reading it and then applying it could prove to be your most positive and transformational ten minutes of 2015.  I’m more than happy to walk you through it if you’d like that.  Drop me a line.