The Spring Coaching Blog has been a bit sparse recently, but for good reasons – a house move in the Summer, family time off, some very exciting new clients and a new school for my daughter.  Those are my excuses anyway.

I was bursting with pride as she confidently walked in the gates, loudly saying “hellooooo” to other kids and parents she’d never met, and explaining that she had a new ‘costume’ – aka uniform!

As we left her happily playing with Lego waiting for the lessons to begin, I spotted this sign in the playground:

corporate coaching in the UK

I reckon it’s got some great uses further afield than her school, and whilst news to me, it appears to be a process and movement that’s been around some time – click here for more information.

Things that caught my eye included:

1. I can imagine teachers or playground staff huddled around it with the kids – ‘live’ and ‘in the moment’ as a well-anchored point of discussion, calmness, and reflection. It offers some consistency, too.

2. I like the simplicity and flow of the questions – a process that covers off most important bases. A mix of facts, feeling, past and future: practical, and with a sense of constructive purpose.

3. This could be easily used at work team meetings or for team development – and during conflicts too. In fact, making light of the situation by using a kids’ playground sign might actually put things into perspective faster, to boot.

4. The use of icons throughout is a handy accelerated learning tool that should help the kids get clear on which bit means what, and account (to a degree) for their differing learning styles.

5. I reckon it could have something about “Who is going to do what differently in the future?” Simply saying ‘we’ doesn’t really pin down individual accountability when there is the need to.

6. The shining sun and rainbow metaphors, whilst maybe lost on the kids until they’re older, gives a warm and friendly feel to the whole thing.

7. The kids are addressing the mindsets that were driving behaviours that were creating feelings and outcomes.

These powerful lessons in mediation, consultation, open communication and sharing feelings in a safe and healthy way are incredibly important Life lessons – even more so when learned at an early age. Behaviour and mindset are so important.

This kind of education works on a much wider level beyond the school playground, and could help our daughter and her fellow pupils to deal with situations in later life, too. Result.