From Poison to Potion – Performance Coaching under our noses


A blog by Luke Thomas, Performance Coach & Director of Spring

Nature.  Time.  Discovery.  Three things that combine to create radical new advances in medical treatments.  This article in Time Magazine featured by CNN, got me noticing a couple of things.

1) Nature has held wonderful solutions to our everyday problems for quite literally… ages.  They sit their exquisitely untapped in the depths of an ocean, or the greenery of a jungle or even our own back garden.  How much more is under our noses when it comes to relationships and the depths of our human mind? How many more creativity techniques are yet to be discovered that would unleash fresh ideas and thinking in the way we personally manage ourselves, others and un-tap our brains?

2) Jim Stockdale during his time in the Hanoi Hilton, developed creative ways to outwit the guards with materials and ideas, in what appeared no more than a blank prison cell.  His friend and foe was Time.  Year after year of solitary time.  Ultimately she gave him the space to absolutely define his present, future and survive in staggeringly innovative ways.  What more could we achieve by experimenting with solitude, in the infinitely more comfortable setting of our lives?

I have resolved to keep on noticing, pondering and questioning these things.  Looking and listening for solutions in people and situations that initially appear ‘poisonous’ yet might well be harbouring learning, truth or comfort.

My determination to continuously improve the Spring service offering, demands this ongoing discipline – not to mention my family, friends and general quality of life!!

My offer by posting this blog is to share more of my discoveries via social media or face to face.  Challenge me with a goal you have – and I’ll share some ideas you could use to overcome it.  You could do the same for me too.