Fearlessness is not the same as the absence of fear

A blog by Luke Thomas, Performance Coach & Director of Spring

I keep an eye on Seth Godin’s blog.  I rate what he has to say on it and in his books.  The blog below – click here to read – really got me thinking about decision making.

We’re all having to make judgements and choices throughout each day.  Some are conscious, others are made as a result of habits – which could be helping or hindering us.  The knack is to get practiced at noticing these habitual behaviours or thinking patterns – and then deciding which we’d like to continue, change or drop.

Fear, worry, fret or procrastination can seep into all that we do in a sneaky way!  By adopting a mindset reframe of “Fear is a compass, not a barrier” we inject a new opportunity.  We can start making choices that account for risks, concerns and dangers with a positive forward motion – that takes us where we want to go.  Instead of ignoring, avoiding or running away from that fear.

Smarter and braver decisions are the result.  Thanks Seth.