A blog by Luke Thomas, Performance Coach & Director of Spring

Williams F1Photo from the Williams F1 Centre, Grove, Oxfordshire 

1. Change something… anything!

Boredom can set-in for everyone at times – no matter how varied or interesting their role might be.  Find ways of refreshing simple things – like where you hold a meeting or the way you brief in a new communication so that people are more personally engaged with you.  It can act in a similar way to the Hawthorne Effect… or indeed the Placebo Effect.  Read more here.

2. Break limiting beliefs

Find a way to insist new inputs and behaviours are experimented with.  Turn up your toughness a little, be brave and push through a new idea without giving people lots of options to discuss or challenge it.  The majority of times you’ll find that whilst people might moan or complain initially – they soon change their tune once they realise what they’ve achieved or the value they’ve felt through you having the courage of your convictions. Read more here. 

3. Disrupt Parkinson’s Law

Artificially change a deadline or target.  It ruffles feathers for a short while but forces innovation instead of doing the same old same old.  Read more here – and note please this article was written in the 1950’s which will become obvious!

4. Reframe the situation

One quick reframe I use lots is this.  Take a particular challenge you’re discussing with someone.  Grab a nearby book, magazine or newspaper – doesn’t matter what sort.  Ask them to pick a number between 1 and 100, then turn to that page and read the 2nd paragraph or look at the picture if there’s no text.  Then ask them – “so how could what you’ve just read/seen, help your situation?”  About 7 times out of 10 they’ll have a mini-Eureka breakthrough.  It’s like magic!