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Photograph courtesy of © Kennack Diving, All Rights Reserved

Risk.  Safety.  Fun.  Three key factors when diving.

You only need to read the list of things that could go wrong on a dive, and many folk would avoid ever trying.

Yet with clear standards, processes, communication and planning you can happily dive hundreds of times with nothing but amazing experiences to share.

In fact, the freedom to enjoy the dive actually increases with the knowledge you’ve got all bases covered.

The divers I’ve witnessed whose behaviours are spontaneous and adrenalin fuelled are just dangerous – they’re hard work to be buddied-up with, as they tend to be looking out for ‘number one’ and no-one else.

The points and parallels that strike me are these:

  • Some of the biggest breakthroughs in personal performance I witness come from taking higher than usual risks, that are coupled with having thought things through in advance.
  • Risk aversion can be justified too often by citing perceived failures or mistakes from the past.  When you scratch a bit deeper though – with some extra planning these are often only a whisker away from having been potential successes.
  • Risk + Safety = Freedom to innovate and enjoy yourself
  • Creating a framework and agreeing terms of engagement = increased chances of synergy within partnerships and teams (CLICHÉ ALERT!!  It’s hard to use the ‘s’ word without sounding cheesy nowadays)

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