Innovate or Stagnate: Nothing in between!

A blog by Luke Thomas, Performance Coach & Director of Spring

Innovate or stagnate… Maybe that’s a bit black and white?

As the metaphor goes… “the rate of change in organisations today is so fast that you need to be running to make progress – Walking will at best keep you at mediocrity and worst you’ll actually slip back in the results achieved.”  That still seems to hold true in my eyes.

Today I read an article called There is no Career Ladder by Priscilla Claman. Whilst I agree with her assessment of the situation – her top tips fall a bit short in my eyes.

I felt short changed in the advice given

The folk I see in organisations daily who are both excelling in their roles and results plus their careers, do more than just “move laterally, improve their skills and volunteer.”

That’s still too pedestrian.  That was advice I was given 20 years ago!

Here is a flavour of the really high performers out there today. They:

  • See themselves as intrapreneurs – innovating, taking calculated risks and always considering value added
  • Get clear on their personal brand values whilst being sufficiently chameleon in their application with integrity
  • Understand commerciality regardless of their role
  • Work their stakeholder maps hard – ‘giving’ more than ‘taking’
  • Consider multiple income streams. Building assets as it loosens their view on personal security and increases freedom
  • Are excellent leaders of themselves and continually educating
  • Network across industries, have mentors, coaches and a well oiled support team around them
  • Break out of conventional group-think consciously

I absolutely LOVE this whole area of developing people that brings about shifts in performance.

Innovate or stagnate – the two are closer than you might think!  If this stuff excites you too – then contact me to compare notes or email info@springccr.co.uk