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Last time I focused on Purpose.  This time I’ll introduce ‘state.’

Photograph courtesy of www.kennackdiving.co.uk © Kennack Diving, All Rights Reserved

One of the basic principles of diving – is buoyancy.  You sink down, and you want to slowly float back up, having had a great dive.

Lots of things affect buoyancy.  Your jacket and gear.  How much lead you have on your weight belt.  Underwater surge and currents.  The suit you’re wearing.  How much air is left in your tank.  And critically… Your breathing style.

When you get everything just right and you’re neutrally buoyant – you hang serenely weightless in one place and gently rise and fall as you breathe.  You can even use breathing in and out to negotiate obstacles or reposition underwater – it’s that sensitive.

If things are not well balanced – it becomes hard work.  People find they start kicking, or using their arms, they sink or rise too quickly – their breathing can become laboured which in turn drains the tank faster.  It isn’t much fun – as anxiety, frustration and even panic creeps in.

The cool thing about diving – is that to do it well you have no choice but to maintain relaxed and controlled breathing.  Which in turn relaxes your brain and helps you make clearer decisions.  When you’re underwater – every decision you take can have immediately positive or negative consequences.

It got me thinking.  When I dived – it really relaxed me.  Yes I was alert – but completely focused and at peace.  There were times when I arrived at the beach or harbour feeling stressed – but invariably left feeling mellow.

There are so many variables to manage when diving – you need to be in a very productive state, to keep safe and have a good time.

As a result of re-reading my understanding of brain function and blood flow connected to breathing I developed BREATHER™ – a coaching tool that helps deliver great results for people through peak performance state.

I don’t sell it – but happily share it – in the hope that folks benefit from a bit more peace in their work and home lives!

It’s a tool individuals can easily use themselves or with someone else – to dip in and out of like a pick ‘n’ mix.  The contexts it’s been used in so far include: Sales, Leadership, Management, IT, HR, Finance, Marketing and Training, on a whole range of different job roles.

Give me a shout if you’d like to use it yourself.  info@springccr.co.uk