In 2008 I was coaching a Director in a large bank.  He was very long in the tooth, pretty cynical and had a dry sense of humour.  We got on well – once we’d got over the inevitable… “so how old ARE you Luke?”  And my stock reply to that… “I’m twelve!”

This guy had recently attended a conference talk by Debra Searle MBE.  He was excited about hearing her story and told me to go and buy her book.  I did – and then somehow mislaid it.  This August I found it, and read the whole thing in one evening – that’s how powerful a read it is – so I urge you… Don’t wait as long as I did!

Debra had rowed the Atlantic solo in a 23ft plywood boat after her experienced oarsman husband retired, due to an uncontrollable fear of the ocean.

The 3000 mile journey from Tenerife to Barbados took 3½ months instead of 6 weeks – and included 30ft waves, force 8 squalls, sharks and supertankers.

Her story reads easily and addictively.  The photos and layout used, are beautiful.  By the end, I was moved to tears.

Three of the valuable things she highlights in battling her fears, solitude and doubts are:

Run the movie – a technique I’ll often use myself and rooted in NLP modelling, anchoring and state shifting – call me if you’d like a run through

“Choose your attitude” – Debra’s motto that helped combat negativity and limiting beliefs to maintain her level of stamina, endurance and performance

Family and friends – the strength and encouragement derived from text messages whilst in the middle of the Atlantic ocean

It’s a read that inspired me to contact her personally and talk more.  And I hope to include a guest blog by Debra before long.

Click here to buy The Journey