Blog by Luke Thomas, Director of Spring

How well do you stay motivated and inspired?

Do you get peaks and troughs, or find that you’re constantly at the top of your performance curve?

I find that I need an ongoing flow of inputs, whilst being tuned into actually receiving them. The radar needs to be switched on.

Take Lockside Waterfront Café and Restaurant in Bristol – it’s actually famous as being Sid’s Cafe from the BBC’s ‘Only Fools and Horses.’

From first impressions, I would have passed straight by.

It’s an eye-catching colour. It’s not somewhere I’d have chosen to eat. But, go in and sit down inside. Order something to eat and drink.

You have a bright, clean, airy, and contemporary place to be.  Views over the waterfront, up to the Avon Gorge and Clifton Suspension Bridge. The food’s good too.  (I don’t own shares in it, in case you’re wondering!)

Here’s one view from my last visit:

How did I end up going here? An invitation from Ryan James, a guy I trust and respect.

He had started a small interactive forum of dynamic, courageous and curious folk from Bristol. People in Sales and Marketing, looking to learn, share, and create ideas to help each other.

Run monthly, on a Monday morning. The name?  ‘Live Young, Sell More’ or LYSM for short. The reason? Be inquisitive, experimental, and have some fun with a ‘youthful’ mindset to developing businesses.

It’s not a standard networking group. It’s a support network for people who are happy to drop their guard, celebrate their successes, share their weaknesses, and develop their capability.

Two things really struck me about getting involved:

1) The vision it takes to start a business at Lockside, when you can easily judge this particular book by its cover (And that’s just the venue)

2) The commitment and contribution from those in the group.

I could write reams about the value I’ve gained from attending. The quality of people I’ve met.  The level of creativity and innovation it has inspired.  The spin-offs and unexpected benefits – including new collaborations, book recommendations, marketing ideas, client introductions and much more.

I won’t though. I’ll go further than that.

My offer to you reading this blog is this – I’ll happily have an informal chat with you to talk about it more – to share some of what I’ve learned and hopefully give you a shot of inspiration. Just like I get from LYSM weekly.

Email or ring 01278 769159 to find out more.