The behaviour of employees within businesses came into our thoughts this week, following the recent riots and looting across the UK, and in particular following a report from the BBC highlighting significant costs to British retailers across major cities affected such as London, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol – with many smaller businesses going bust.

The costs of riotous behaviour inside a business can also be crippling – yet lurk beneath the surface, often unnoticed.

Consider the cost of some of the following scenarios in your organisation:

  • Apathy
  • Reduced productivity due to low management engagement
  • Lack of purpose and unclear goals
  • Mailbombing by email
  • Deliberately poor communication between company departments

Any of the above have a masked and negative impact on the profitability of a business.

Of course, they aren’t close to the horror we’ve recently seen on UK streets, such as the tragic fatalities in Birmingham.

Passive aggression, though, can flourish within business and is certainly life-threatening to business growth.

How to reduce or eliminate it? That is the million-dollar question. And without successful intervention,  your business could become a high-cost casualty.

Employees need to be motivated, to be productive. Managers need to be engaged with employees, and with themselves, to maintain constant change and growth within a business.

Sometimes, external influencers such as a performance coach or mentor act as catalysts; they oil the wheels of creative business thinking and behaviours.

Consider the costs of riotous behaviour in your business – can you firstly identify where it is potentially occurring, or is it not even on your radar?

Uncomfortable thought, isn’t it?