By Luke Thomas, Director at Spring

There are plenty of brands out there that are so iconic, we recognise them by their logo alone. You know the big ones.

Here’s another on Carnaby Street this week, that has recently had the confidence and clarity of purpose to do the same.


It’s interesting to notice the parallels with how senior players in organisations go about defining their own leadership brands, management styles, and personal impact.

Most of the time it’s implicit and not thought-through. They’ll just do their thing and it’ll work for them or not – or some degree in-between.

The sheer length, depth and breadth of what combines to make an impression is staggering. Consider the following elements:

Words, clothes, values, office, car, internal coalitions, voice, habitual behaviours, holidays…the list continues.

Our book review of Snoop really gets under the skin of it all – click here.

I see the whole concept as both a massive opportunity and a painful Achilles heel for many people I work with, simply because their brand can be so hit and miss.

I see the results ranging from career suicide to major operational success.

A few questions for you to answer:

  • When was the last time you consciously decided to get clear on your personal brand?
  • What feedback have you asked for recently that could help you define the way you’re perceived?
  • Are you clear on what you’re prepared to adapt, and what you’re not?