“They micro-manage me.”

“They don’t give me enough credit.”

“They don’t understand the issues I’m dealing with.”

“They just pass everything to me.”

“They don’t listen.”

“I could do it much better than them!”

Funky Business is a brilliant read around this area. Authors Nordstrom and Ridderstrale suggest the following:

“Instead of being provided with detailed job descriptions, employees should provide managers with motivation descriptions.”





There’s a lot of mileage in a statement like that.

It sparks off thinking around leadership and HR practice. It also deserves more air-time in order to help people a) enjoy their working life more, and b) deliver what they want to a higher standard.

Employee engagement. Discretionary effort. Talent development. Performance Management. Step Change. These are all connected to the relationship between individuals and their line manager, the organisation and peers.

Plenty of research points to job satisfaction, performance and employer loyalty being driven by someone’s direct line manager – not all the fancy trappings that come with a big blue-chip.

It’s easy to sit back and ‘be managed’ whilst moaning and whinging about the quality of the person you report to or how the company isn’t doing this or that right in your eyes.

So much can be done by folk ‘managing up’ differently.

Taking some personal accountability for the position they find themselves in. Doing something about it – and doing it such a way that it’s effective – taking into account the political subtleties at play. Ensuring that the action taken benefits the manager as well as themselves – so both benefit.

You might as well get busy and try something new, than carrying on unhappy.

Does your manager really know you well enough?  Do they have all the information they need to hit the mark in making you effective?

If you think they do, but they’re still not cutting it, then try some new keys in the lock! Chances are they’ll welcome the support in making their life easier.

Put some time and thorough planning into whatever move you do make – and run it by a few people first.

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