The Procrastination Equation is a weighty read.

Dr Piers Steel is touted as the world’s leading researcher and speaker on the science of motivation and procrastination.

Reading the book from cover to cover A-Z style, I’m sure would be valuable, if a bit heavygoing.

It’s one of those books that you can dip in and out of very nicely. There are so many gems within its covers, that you can gain value on multiple quick reads.

If it’s motivation you need to pick up a read like this, then see if one of the following areas Steel covers would offer the carrot required:

Health. Career. Education. Community. Romance. Finance. Self. Friends.  Family. Leisure. Spirituality. Parenting.

There is a lot of scientifically-based research which does play out well in his practical applications and examples – which we like at Spring: he’s keeping things real!

Evolution. Procrastination in the genes? Now this angle to the book could easily help a chronic procrastinator simply justify their actions to themselves even more – thankfully, he offers lots of helpful tips.

For those of you leading and managing teams, projects, and stakeholders, it’s got some really useful information around motivation theory, ideas and practice, too.

He writes a great blog that you can access here.

So if this taster tempts you, buy the book here.