Everything in life that you haven’t done yet or isn’t yet the way you want it to be, boils down to one of two problems:

  • You know what you want but you don’t know how to get it
  • You don’t yet know what you want

There is plenty of help around for the first problem but this can overlook the most common reason that people do not set clear goals – they are not clear about what they really want.

Andrew Halfacre’s new book is direct and refreshing.

He argues that not knowing what you want is a bad habit rather than something you are born with and suggests a number of ways to develop the new habit of ‘finding and using your inner compass’.

The book suggests 12 ways to develop this new habit and the experiments he suggests will appeal to a wide range of learning styles from the more analytical to the purely intuitive. He closes with creative ways to maintain the good habit of knowing your own mind and building that into your work, life and play.

Inside you will discover and read:

  • How a polar bear can help you know what you want
  • Choosing desire on a cold, wet morning
  • How to distinguish fantasy from dreams that can come true
  • How to untangle what you want from how you feel
  • Why motivational speeches rarely work
  • The second most powerful question in the world
  • How to uncover the values that drive you

So if your organisation is going through a restructure. If you want to get clear on leading your team and setting direction. If you’re feeling scared or daunted by the sales figures you need to deliver.

If you’re wanting to be more proactively setting your own direction in whatever context is relevant to you – I’m sure you’ll benefit from reading First Know What You Want.

This is not just a book about getting. It’s a book about being. Punchy, direct and designed for easy reading.

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