I saw this sign at the weekend and it caught my eye:

“You are welcome to turn here.”






















Now that was a first!

I’m familiar with PRIVATE, NO TURNING, NO PARKING and the likes of GET OFF MY LAND – but “you are welcome to turn here?”  Intriguing. New and different. Memorable.

I stopped to take a quick photo.

On my shoulders was Lottie my daughter, enjoying a lift after a long walk. The vicar of this rectory spotted us whilst tending his garden and said hello.

He commented on what a lovely smile Lottie had, asked if we were local, and asked if we’d like to see his pigs and chickens in the garden.

It turns out he knew my in-laws by name after only meeting them once and could instantly hold a warm welcoming conversation.

He had spoken to them previously to ask permission for keeping livestock in the area. And, offered them some bacon as a courtesy down the line.

We had some fun watching the animals, chatting, and enjoying a beautiful Summer’s day.

He was genuinely interested in us, was in no rush, and was very matter-of-fact about the sign – “well the lane is very tight, and you can’t turn until up by the school.”

He didn’t try and sell me a place on a pew next Sunday. He stopped the jobs in his garden – he made time for a chat: and made Lottie’s day.

He wasn’t rude, aloof, or unapproachable – see a previous blog about Leadership & Customer Service Strategy here.

I walked away smiling. Lottie remembers the pigs. I’d talk to him again, and respected his approach.

So for all those folk wanting to improve their ability in leadership, management, sales, communication, and much more besides?

I reckon this little story is rich in useful material.