At Spring we often come across Limiting Beliefs in the course of delivering our coaching, mentoring and change management programmes across the UK.

What is a Limiting Belief? Well, consider how many times you’ve heard a friend, family member or work colleague say something like “I really want to do X, but I can’t because of X, X and X” and you’ll see that Limiting Beliefs crop up time and time again.

Limiting Beliefs can be obvious or insidious

Tricky things they are, too. Built up over years, or created in a nanosecond – plus, the unfortunate reality is, there’s no definitive way of stopping new ones being created, either.

Limiting Beliefs can often develop into an absolute Truth for people, defining who they are, what they do, ways they think, and how they deliver in the workplace.

Being aware of them is only a starting point – Limiting Beliefs need to be ripped open, smashed apart and replaced with a Belief which delivers what you want for yourself, for others, or ideally, for both.

This is implicitly covered exceptionally well in Valentino Rossi’s book ‘What If I Had Never Tried It’.
















Limiting Beliefs are – from a performance coach’s point of view – really exciting to work with.

Creating a buzz from releasing Limitations

When resolved, they bring about a new flood of confidence and new performance behaviours for the client. The buzz created for both coach and client is, quite literally, tangible in our experience.

Heard any of these before?

Some of the Limiting Beliefs we regularly hear include:

“I’m not very confident speaking at meetings”

“I’m not really leadership material”

“I need this job in order to progress my career”

“You can’t get double-digit growth in the marketplace right now”

“It’s impossible for me to reduce my hours, because…”

You could also class these as mindsets at times. Whether classed as a mindset or Limiting Belief, they are a way of organising your head. A way of framing how you look at the world, and how you look at yourself in the world.

Depending on the individual, working through them can be based around different things – to make a Limiting Belief crash and burn could require self-analysis, or maybe just working on a new skill or behaviour.

No secret technique, just some creativity!

There is no secret code or master lock, it’s all about being creative.

Everybody is different with a lifetime of individual experiences arranged within their head, so ultimately, the results and shift changes come from playing around a bit with the Limiting Belief, and seeing what makes a difference.

Simple steps, huge breakthroughs

A client recently had a breakthrough by simply changing the Limiting Belief of “I’m an expert” into “I’m a specialist in my field, who is learning more each day.”

By believing that they had to be an expert, their confidence was being eroded under pressure.

By realising that they were a specialist who was developing into an expert daily, this took the pressure off, enabling them to deliver a conference speech that was rated by an attendee as the best of the event.

If you’re interested in how this shift of a Limiting Belief happened, let us know and we’ll happily share the method – it is one of many. Contact us here.