For people considering their personal branding, influencing style, or ability to read and lead others, this is a fresh and intriguing book.

What does your ‘stuff’ say about you? That’s what Snoop aims to answer. Your desk. Your living room. Your emails. Your clothes.

They all speak volumes, especially when combined to tell your story.

I like the way author Sam Gosling covers new ground. He challenges some existing material on this subject, and has really robust research behind it.

I tend to get annoyed with authors who write without crediting others – yet here you have full acknowledgements and references.

You can read and apply his ideas easily. It’s got a common-sense feel to it. For example:

  • Feelings regulators
  • Behavioural residue
  • Identity claims

These are all straightforward to understand when considering the photos you have on your screensaver, the things you have in your car, or specifically placed in your office and home.

His reference to music and emotional state shifts is brief, too, but powerful.

It helps sharpen up your perception of others, and become more self-aware in the process. Well worth a read.

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