So yes, Chris Evans is a high energy, fun (or annoying to some) and self-promoting kind of guy.  “Memoirs of a fruitcake” is his second autobiography that Chris has genuinely written himself.

He very honestly shares the wild success after years of well crafted hard graft – with highs and plenty of lows.  Yes he’s a show-off, but he’s also self-deprecating and pretty conscious of his mistakes.

Judgements.  Making them, rushing them, missing them altogether!  It’s the making of judgments that stood out the most in this book – a real challenge to the reader in terms of how they weigh up decisions.

If you are even vaguely interested in any of the following list, then you’ll definitely benefit from reading our recommended book of the week:

  • Being a boss
  • Making sound or dodgy decisions
  • Sleep, drink, money or marriage
  • Learning acceptance
  • Being visionary & creative

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