With the imminent release onto DVD of a wonderful film The King’s Speech, it got me thinking again about applications of this inspirational story.

Watching this film in the cinema when it released, was very exciting.

I turned to my wife Jessica part way through the movie, and whispered “This is the sort of stuff we do!”

Since then, I’ve ordered the DVD to get my hands on it as soon as it comes out for home viewing – for me, it strikes such a chord within the world of business coaching.

Where a speech coach and performance coach compare.

The approach that Lionel Logue (speech coach) took with King George VI (Colin Firth’s character) was frank, honest, challenging, and at times eyebrow-raising.

He was very unconventional. Quirky and supremely confident in his execution. Humorous. Approachable and genuine. Extremely attentive.

I’ve summarised the Spring approach along these lines before.  We aim for outstanding results.  And, making no claim whatsoever to be in the same league as Lionel, Spring are unorthodox at times, but ‘conventional enough’.

Effective coaching is all about building rapport.

Ultimately the rapport needs to be strong enough that you’re able to take more stretching steps with a group or individual you’re working with.

If you’re working with a blue-chip organisation, then being too quirky needs to be handled with care, of course.

I loved these lines in the film:

King George VI: “You’re peculiar.”

Lionel Logue: “I take that as a compliment.”

Bringing out the best in people – if you can spot it, they’ve got it.

When I’ve had a Divisional Director doing voice exercises in a hotel lift to work on their diaphragm control, or a global Head of Design walking through the Westfield shopping centre praising stores that they loathe, or a Sales Manager using a box of biscuits to treble their year to date figures – then there’s been occasion to hear:

“What are you like?”

“Are you serious?”

“You want me to do WHAT?”

The fun part is that when you’ve built a strong working relationship, then you can take more risks and increase the chances of really big results.

Change takes effort, insight and constant input. Are you ready?

Shifts in thinking. Behavioural change. Experimentation that really moves people forward in new ways.

I loved the movie, as it inspired me to keep on challenging myself on how we deliver transformational change for people and businesses via the Spring team.

Do yourself – and your organisation – a favour, and pre-order this incredible film on DVD.  Buy it here