This interesting question is one that the Spring team found ourselves asking recently, with the launch of Matt Damon’s latest blockbuster The Adjustment Bureau touted as a mix between The Bourne Identity and Inception.

In terms of leadership, Damon’s iconic Jason Bourne character from the Bourne trilogy of films can be seen as an amazing example of modern inspiration for contemporary business leaders.

Just look at the attributes at work with him:

  • Relentless stamina over long and short time periods
  • Calmness under extreme pressure situations
  • Use of pausing and breathing techniques under fire
  • Highly planned and incredibly calculated approach
  • Rapid improvisations and incredible resourcefulness
  • Effectively defending himself and persuading others

These leadership traits could also been seen to border on the fringes of classic entrepreneurship. Such as when Bourne breaks into the offices of those chasing him – the last place he’d be expected to go.

It’s fair to say that as a modern leader, Bourne is a great, if unexpected, example.

There is, of course, always merit in analysing what management gurus say – such as Stephen Covey in his seminal work The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People which demand attention by any serious leader in business today.

Covey’s work and analysis is crucially important in the function of leadership that many forget to implement and devote enough appropriate time to – that of a rigorous and methodical structure.

Covey teaches us the importance of the following leadership methods: learning to draw upon ideas, behaviours, mindsets and management styles from every available inspirational source – which can be adapted and modelled to fit the right commercial situation at the right time.

The benefits to be gained from taking time out to work through the thought processes from a management or leadership guru’s book can be incredibly rewarding.

There’s also a call for instant inspiration in effective leadership – such as a moment in a movie, a headline in a magazine, or a chance conversation whilst out shopping: all provide food for a changing, flexible, open approach to truly powerful leadership development in business.

A mind set to respond and filter to specific inputs around you can provide surprising results in terms of both leadership and management.

One thing Jason Bourne gives us – and with powerful impact – is that if you continue to only look in the usual places for leadership direction and teaching, you could well miss out on a number of incredible ideas under your nose.

Here are three questions to remember for good leadership maintenance:

  • How am I thinking right now – is it helping?
  • What do I want – and how else could I get it?
  • What behaviours am I demonstrating, and are they working?