Short and sharp blog post this week – the Spring team’s Top Six Tips on how to get more profitable, engaged, worthwhile and productive business relationships with key stakeholders.

Our Top Tips are – and in no particular order of preference – as follows:

  • Consider and balance your needs with theirs – a common problem is when people get fixated on one or the other. This is usually played out with a manager either being all about “me me me” and disregarding others; or being so super helpful and concerned to please that they become bogged down with others’ agendas at the expense of their own.
  • Get face-to-face as often as possible – the Spring motto is keep in touch little and often. Be aware of the ratio of contact with stakeholders, via emails, phone, video conferencing, texts and face-to-face. If someone isn’t engaging, try pressing the flesh! It’s amazing the impact some well-planned, structured face-to-face time can have on productivity.
  • Talk in their language – if they like short, sharp emails and talks in a precise way, don’t drive them nuts with endless content. Look at how they like to communicate and adapt to it.
  • Be clear on agreed objectives – get it down on paper, then follow up with a quick confirmation email. Get appointments and meeting dates in the diary and remember to monitor agreed objectives with them. In a few weeks, things move on rapidly, and objectives get lost or replaced with more time-sensitive demands.
  • Know who the influencers are – find out who has their ear, who influences them, and get them on board. This will give a greater ongoing impact to management processes and systems, as well as increasing profile across the business.
  • Listen – really listen. At times, listen more than you talk. Check out Nancy Kline’s excellent book Time To Think for an exemplary showcase on effective listening skills.