We’re Changemakers.

Hired to bring about change by coaching, training and mentoring that makes a tangible difference to both organisational performance and individuals’ lives.

Increasingly we aim to positively benefit the planet and sustainability too, by leveraging the size and reach of our clients who want this.

This homepage is designed to give you plenty about us all in one place, to decide if we feel right for you or your organisation.  And if you’d like extra detail, then the wider site has more…

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Are we right for you?

We’re a boutique; and though some projects are far-reaching with large populations, we don’t target these.  Our reputation has been built on being a catalyst for Return on Investment & Expectation (ROI/ROE) through transforming mindsets, KPIs and KBIs.

Therefore we choose who we work with very carefully on the basis that the timing and approach need to be right for everyone involved.

Our mantra from the outset has driven business growth and that is to “deliver to such a degree that every client will hire us again and recommend us.”  It has been said that Marketing is for the unremarkable – so we’ve avoided it and let organic growth be the way we operate.


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Our Results

  • Spring team members regularly facilitate between £5-20m of ROI per year depending on the clients & projects involved
  • “Our Hong Kong Sales Team delivered a return that paid for the entire coaching programme in less than 6 weeks & they are personally benefitting far beyond the scope of what we contracted.”
  • “The SLA black holes have disappeared in 4 months with a 40% increase in Customer Satisfaction”
  • “My coaching with Luke was one of THE best mornings I’ve had in this business for 29 years”
  • £18k contract agreed and £5k cost saving after a 40 min meeting and a 5 min phone call
  • “The capacity you’ve freed up in my mind to overcome anxiety is working literally every day – it’s so fast & practical”
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Holistic without the hippy

We don’t hang our hat on just one or two methodologies.  We use a deliberately eclectic mix.  All that we do is tailored to suit the needs of the business, team and individuals we are working with.  We draw on the arts, science, NLP, sport, neuroscience, accelerated learning, the big screen, comedy, mindfulness and beyond.

This way we tackle both the whole system and individuals, to bring about intentioned, accelerated changes in behaviours and mindsets – that then land the commercial results

It’s not just edgy facts and figures though.  Many of our biggest breakthrough results have come from increasing individuals’ personal resilience, well being and emotional agility – learn more in our blog

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What we do

  • Hit the road, side by side with your people at whatever locations they happen to be operating in
  • Quiet coaching on a park bench or street cafe
  • Drop in on virtual meetings and telecoms for ‘live in-the-moment’ observations & performance coaching
  • Run virtual and face to face workshops that prepare for & consolidate live coaching – through you running your business from afar during the sessions.  This avoids being ‘out of the business’
  • 121 Therapeutic work where it’s required
  • Change Programmes, Talent Pools, Performance Improvement, Train the Trainer & Business Partnering Development
  • Remote Management, Team Development, Strategic Offsite Facilitation
  • Culture, Employee Engagement, Customer Experience, Operational Efficiency, Creativity, Wellbeing & Resilience
  • Digital Platform Video and Audio coaching such as Whatsapp


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Reasons we are hired…

Has a recent restructure or the pace of change put a strain on your team or slowed performance?

Do you need your people to quickly land strategic changes being made to your operations, processes or culture?

Are the strains of Covid and Remote Working meaning that your people are tiring and in need of stronger wellbeing & resilience?

Have you created a new team who need to start hitting their KPIs or Balanced Scorecard quickly?

Would some clarity of thinking mixed with fresh creativity benefit your ExCo and Senior Teams?

Are you wanting to outsource Talent Pool development?

Are you looking for Exec Coaching that delivers greater measurable results?

Do your HR and L&D Partnering Teams want to increase their influence and impact on the organisation through a stronger consulting process and identity?

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Programmatic and Layered

This is a fundamental principle and process of how we work to create change and build self-sufficiency in the populations we develop. 

It’s an ongoing rhythm of interventions over time that layer learning, shift habits & mindsets and ensure new behaviours are established. 

We refuse to be involved in ‘flash in the pan’ events that have a sugar rush and then die away.  Integrated programmes are what create the ROI that we deliver and have built our reputation upon.

Some of our clients

Spring Client Logos

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“Spring’s training approach is light on its feet, interactive, invigorating, informal, not pressurised.”

Communications Director

“The techniques you’ve taught me & the capacity you’ve freed up in my mind to overcome my anxiety are working literally everyday – it’s so fast, easy & practical.”

Head of PR

“Email traffic has fallen away, we’re seeing people pick up the phone & even better, lots more face to face engagement.”

HR Director

“This is a game-changer.  We saw their behaviours & then the KPIs change before our eyes.”

Regional Sales Manager

“This is a game-changer.  We saw their behaviours & then the KPIs change before our eyes.”

Regional Sales Manager

“So much of my previous training has been sitting around a table and people using flipcharts or powerpoint – this was exciting – well done!”

Sales Director

“My 121 coaching with Luke was one of THE best mornings in 29 years with this business!”

Operations Manager

Alison I’m on a high – you’ve helped me achieve things with my team that I didn’t think possible.”

Design Director

“You’ve smashed the mindsets that were holding us back.”

Finance Director

Andrew & Luke quickly earn people’s respect.  Without exception they focus on achieving a measurable difference to the organisation.  It’s all about adding value.”

HR Business Partner

“Their great ability is in not just delivering a theoretical training concept, but seeing it through to delivery; then producing a real change in behaviours and performance metrics.  They do all this whilst gaining buy-in from the team and ensuring compliance to company standards.”

Managing Director

Sian & Vicki took time to thoroughly understand my requirements as an excellent mentor and coach.  I was  delighted with the progress I have made.  They were accessible, understanding & challenging.  Our sessions were planned & focused with flexibility.  The added value was evident within improved key HR activities such as organisational restructuring.  Everything was achieved effectively & within a tight timeframe.”

Head of HR

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